Intentional Autonomous Relating: Foundations

01apr10:00 am7:00 pmIntentional Autonomous Relating: FoundationsLevels 1-3 Group Workshop

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In this all-day intensive, get the full download of the foundational IAR material in one lesson. Level 1: Introduction, Level 2: Deeper Bonding, and Level 3: Transformational Relating – are consolidated into a single accelerated course. Exit this workshop with an upgraded understanding of human relationship dynamics, a new framework and language of relating, and tools for creating the most joyful and flourishing relationships.

Level 1 – Introduction to Intentional Autonomous Relating
Learn about the Old Paradigm of relationships, what tools are available to help build a foundation of healthy relating, and the basic form of Intentional Autonomous Relating. This course introduces the concepts of Needs, Channels, Intentions, Conditions, Boundaries, Agreements, and Containers through a mixture of lecture, written materials, and interactive exercises. This workshop is for anyone ready to embrace a new joyful celebration of relating.

Level 2 – Deeper Bonding with IAR
Dive into advanced applications of the main IAR concepts for deepening intimacy and strengthening bonds of relationships. In this course participants will apply the tools of the Basic Container to processing tensions, creating a safe harbor, building a foundation, exploring each other’s experience, and creating a New Paradigm label for your relationship. Exit this workshop ready to dive into the deep end of safety and intimacy with your closest and most important relationships.

Level 3 – Transformational Relating with IAR
Prepare to experience a whole new dimension of relationship dynamics. Learn about the second set of Channels, Behavioral versus Existential Needs, the energetics of relationships, the real source of most relationship conflicts, and more. At the end of this workshop, students have a completely new understanding of how relationships work, why certain patterns show up and repeat themselves, and how to transform their human connections into harmonious dance of energy and experience.



(Saturday) 10:00 am - 7:00 pm


Casa De Luz (Cielo South Room)


Vision Battlesword Austin, TX

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