We are accessing the catalog of human knowledge and wisdom, and building new regenerative solutions for a world ready for change. Solarpunk is a beautiful envisioning of a world where technology, nature, and the individual are in balance. Solarpunk is our movement toward integration. 


Our mission is to celebrate beautiful visions of the future, bringing together those who are ready to be in community, provide solutions, and manifest new realities together.


It's a container without villains, without shame, and without blame.


At Solarpunk Summit, we appreciate your journey and we're curating solutions that will empower you to create a beautiful world for yourself and your tribe!


Solarpunk Summit will immerse you in information, technology, community, cooperation, and joy that will inspire hope through peaceful and productive voluntary action.

All that we require to shift into abundance is accessible to us. We are here. We are now. We are change. 

“So what are we doing here? What has been done? What are you going to do about it when the world comes undone? My voice feels tiny and I’m sure so does yours. But put us all together, make a mighty roar.” —Rising Appalachia


Angel bio

Angel Robinson

Founder & CEO, R3Z Productions, Solarpunk Summit

Breaker of Chains, Warrior Goddess, Harbinger of Love, Attunement Alchemist

I am also the founder of R3Z: A Conscious Event Production Company. Through the curation of information and experiences, I hope to achieve Resonance, build  Resilient communities, and bring our optimistic visions of the future into full Resolution!

My mission is to provide greater access to information, technology, and cultural awareness inspiring hope for a radically optimistic future...an optimistic now.

I'm an event planner, content producer, and muse. My passion is co-creating high vibrational experiences with the innovators, entrepreneurs, and visionaries of today. I am an enthusiastic champion of criticizing by creating, shifting paradigms, and exploring new frontiers.


Desiree Champagne-Martin

COO, R3Z Productions, Solarpunk Summit Co-producer

I am an Optimist, Epigenetic Health Coach, and Molecular Research Scientist. I have perpetually been on a path of growth and change. I enjoy creating, giving and being around others who enjoy the same. There is nothing more exhilarating than creating spaces where like-minded people can connect and create. My goal is to do whatever I can to alter our collective future reality for the better.

I have perpetually been on a path of growth and change and so I finally stumbled upon a profoundly more fulfilling path. I gravitate towards positivity. I enjoy creating and giving and being around others who enjoy the same. There is nothing more exhilarating than creating spaces where like-minded people can connect and create. My goal is to do whatever I can to alter our collective future reality for the better.

The scientist in me brings a sense of grounding and organization to my endeavors I believe that if I play to my strengths and join with others who play to theirs the possibilities are limitless!


Jen Hilman Headshot Square

Jen Hilman

Solarpunk Summit Emcee & Speaker Liaison

Jen Hilman is an expert in the health and wellness industry. In the last 15 years, she has gained a following of over 30 million viewers on YouTube. Her influence reaches worldwide as she has helped thousands to relieve their chronic pain, reduce anxiety and overwhelming stress. Her simple strategies for wellbeing increase energy, vitality, and productivity. Jen's vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology, paired with her years of spiritual studies lend her a holistic view of the path to true health and wellbeing. Jen inspires millions with her insightful wisdom, gentle teaching, and empowering approach to healing.

Ishani Black promo

Ishani Ishaya

Elemental Performance Director

A prayer-forming artist and instructor for over 20 years, Ishani began Wushu Kung Fu in 1988, became a certified Yoga teacher of Ascension in 1996, Bellydance in 1998, and began Fire Dancing in 2009. She fuses these practices along with her studies of Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Egyptian, Tribal, Cabaret, Flamenco, West African, Chinese, Hula, Indonesian, Break Beat, Hip Hop, and Classical Indian Dance into “Mythical Movement": Moving meditation offered in ritual, celebration, instructional and therapeutic capacity. She is currently based in Portland Oregon

Kelsie Headshot

Kelsie Paige

Web Design

As the Co-Founder of Autonomite.net, Kelsie has helped amplify many prominent activist and freedom-oriented brands. She is passionate about using her design skills to help build and support solutions to help humanity reach its thriving potential!


Angelique Paull

Event Design Lead

Recognized and respected across varying visual industries, Angelique has over 17 years of experience doing costumes,styling and set decoration for Movies, TV, Print and Commercials of all budgets from Hollywood blockbusters to indie films.  She brings a high level of value and overall can-do attitude and grounding know- how to the productions and events she works on throughout the United States, Europe and beyond.

Angelique is a heartful community connector, delightful decor lead and event Alchemista living her truth by action and co-creating conscious events throughout the world she feels aligned with the mission. In addition to film production and events, she is the founder/designer of Welld Workwear (www.wearewelld.com) a solution based clothing company focused on highly functional circular and ethically made workwear for all genders with equal elements of style and function. 

Above all, Angelique takes pride in bringing into reality projects that cultivate a collaborative environment of play, shared knowledge and wonder while deeply embodying a heart-centered, community-based mindset and visionary future. 

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Astara Sage

Event Design Lead

For over a decade, Astara has worked in the worlds of design and emerging tech. She specializes in research, strategy, user experience, and systems thinking, designing and developing products and experiences focused on realizing mind-expanding, perception-shifting, heart-opening moments of play and discovery.

Most recently she strategized and produced the guest experience for Meow Wolf's two newest exhibitions. She deeply believes in crafting holistically considered experiences intended to promote healing and sustainable wellbeing, as well as developing systems that cultivate a symbiotic relationship between technology, nature, and the whole of humanity.

Her work has spanned across multiple industries and thrives on the philosophy that “All Problems Are Design Problems.”

Jeremy Headshot

Jeremy Champagne

Production Team Lead

It's all about the human experience. Change your perception, create your new vision. The power is yours. 


Leandrew Dixon

Web Developer

L-Dixon is a multi-passionate creative seeking to help uplift humanity through his various outlets. Whether it be through entrepreneurship, music production, web design, writing, or video production, his focus is on utilizing those skills to manifest a vision of a freer, more sustainable, and abundant world. He has helped amplify prominent activist and freedom-oriented brands such as The Thrive Movement, NeverGetBusted, The Dollar Vigilante, Anarchapulco, and The Freedom! Line. 


Diana Lane

Homestasis Hub Creatrix