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What is Solarpunk?

Solarpunk is a beautiful envisioning of a world where technology, nature, and the individual are all in balance. Conscious innovators are accessing the human catalog of knowledge and wisdom, and building new regenerative solutions for a world ready for change. Solarpunk is our movement toward integration.



We have access to knowledge and experience that is transforming the world. Emergent technologies like 3D printing, the blockchain, renewable energy, and decentralized solutions now offer us exciting options for dreaming up beautiful new realities. Discover the new tech that is allowing us to leave behind that which no longer serves us.

CIO Ahurra ia


We are conscious creators, tending to the gardens of our minds, bodies, and spirits. Explore your inner landscape with the expert facilitation of our conscious community. Through yoga, meditation, dance, and conscious relating practices, we are cultivating our highest selves for healthy integration into the larger community.

A gathering of people are seen standing in a ring to face each other as they perform yoga stretches at a festival campsite in nature, relaxing together.


Balance within and new technology is the breeding ground for better systems and a more aligned culture. We are seeing a move toward decentralization and respect for sovereignty, regenerative solutions, and a redefining of what it means to be happy. Join Solarpunk Summit and connect with the culture of the future.

“There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled. There is a void in your soul, ready to be filled. You feel it, don't you? ―  Rumi

We are the change we've been waiting for


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Solarpunk Values

The paradigm has shifted and our movement is the manifestation. Solarpunk is acknowledgment without admonition. It’s optimism and creativity. It’s the rise of conscious innovators and integrators whose purpose is to create the tools that allow us to live fully enriched lives. As Solarpunks, we set our gaze forward and dance toward a more beautiful civilization.

Mysterious entrance to new life or beginning

We are here to offer an open door to new possibilities. We value voluntary interactions. You are free to choose. We invite you to discover the new systems and the new technology that will change your world.

Solar panels and wind turbines in green grass field
Regenerative Solutions

We live by cycles. When we connect with that as reality, we have a greater awareness of the necessity of creating systems of renewal. Let’s ensure future generations of living beings are able to enjoy the wonder and beauty of being alive on this magnificent planet...and maybe even other planets! Come explore real-world solutions at Solarpunk Summit.


Who are you? What is truly important to you? It is time to choose to consciously create your world. The journey begins within. The Solarpunk expo is a place for you to expand your consciousness.

Group of eCIO Ahurra ianvironmental conservation people hands planting in aerial view

We are a diverse and interconnected community. We believe in integration rather than assimilation. The future is kaleidoscopically beautiful! All are welcome to add your unique energies to the Solarpunk community

Virtual Reality

We believe that human ingenuity expressed through technology is divine. Conscious technologists are using their ingenuity to create a world that empowers all to flourish. Immerse yourself in new tech and get inspired!

A young woman is meditating on a rock in the river
Health & Wellness

We emphasize the necessity of balance within. Discover ancient and emergent healing modalities to cultivate a strong mind, body, and spirit.

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The Solarpunk vision encapsulates the idea that living is art. Come live with us in a beautiful container that will inspire you to go out into the world and share your own beautiful art with the world.

Ramanaya Performance

Don’t hate the player or the game! Every great game has its challenges. It’s what gives us purpose. When we can align ourselves with that perspective, we have greater access to living in joy. Dance with us. Sing with us. Learn with us. Grow with us. Play with us.

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