Cosmic Awakenings a Quantum Journey

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Event Details

Join us for an extraordinary day of self-discovery, cosmic exploration, and personal empowerment at Infinite You Wellness Synergy’s transformative event: “Cosmic Awakening: A Quantum Journey.”


Event Highlights:

1. Sound Bath Purification:

     – Immerse yourself in healing vibrations during our sound bath. Harmonize your energy, just as tuning a musical instrument brings it into resonance with the universe.

2. Interactive Workshop: “Cosmic Synchronicities”

     – Dive deep into the raw codes of information that surround us. Explore your personal journey of spiritual awakening, guided by our founder, Herald Aho-Now. Discover how cosmic synchronicities shape your path.

     – Integration of Systems:

     – Human Design System: Uncover your unique energetic blueprint and understand your purpose through this powerful system.

     – Galactic Calendar: Harmonize with cosmic cycles and align your intentions with celestial energies.

     – Astrocartography: Explore how planetary influences intersect with your life’s journey.

     – Cosmic Alignments: Tap into celestial alignments for guidance and transformation.

     – Journal with Infographics:

     – Our specially designed journal will accompany you throughout the workshop. It includes:

       – Key notes from Herald Aho-Now, providing insights and guidance.

       – Infographics to visually represent complex concepts.

       – Ample space for personal reflections and note-taking.

3. Inner-Chi Dance: Manifesting Reality

   – As the sun sets, we’ll ignite our inner fire through movement and breath. Experience the transformative power of Inner-Chi Dance—a technique unique to Infinite You. Activate your intentions and manifest them into reality.


  – Quantum Science meets Ancient Wisdom:

  – Our workshop draws from quantum coherence, piezoelectric phenomena, and the observer effect. Merge science and spirituality as we explore the interplay of energy and consciousness.

  – Solar Punk Ideology:

  – Imagine a future where technology and nature coexist harmoniously. We honor solar punk principles: innovation, community, and respect for our planet. Be part of the change!

  – Legacy-Building:

  – Together, we contribute to a legacy that spans seven generations and beyond. Let’s create a brighter world—one where personal empowerment and interconnectedness thrive.

Date & Venue:

– Date: June 15, 2024

– Time: 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM

– Venue: Indra’s Awarehouse, Austin, Texas, USA

Don’t miss this cosmic convergence! Reserve your spot and embark on a quantum journey toward infinite possibilities. 🌟✨



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