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2022 Workshops

Taelor workshop-min


Self-Reliance on your Land

Do you want to be completely self-reliant on the property you live on but don't know where to start? There are so many ways we can all start connecting and integrating our...

living systems together, that we can do easily just one step at a time. This interactive workshop will teach you how to start connecting the dots so that your way of life is more efficient. You can start using the resources you already have to create food-producing systems, composting systems, and integrate how all of your resources are utilized. The format of this offering is presented in an interactive game so that you can more easily absorb and use this information.

With Taelor Monroe |

Mickey Feat-min


The ancestral way of connection to the land

We are gonna meet up; talk about our relationship to Gaia, reciprocity, and the honorable harvest; and then we are gonna go on a foraging/plant identification walk.

I'm an avid forager/survivalist with a background in horticulture and one of the first things I do when in a new place is connect to the plant beings.

I look forward to sharing with you.

With Mickey Kleinhenz |

becca and john workshop-min

Buy Land Build Community


The Buy Land Build Community workshop systematically organizes everything you need to know to live the free and self-sufficient life, in the order you need to know it, with tons...

of flexibility to suit your particular preferences, budget, location, and more.

A COMPLETE Blueprint ANYONE Can Follow To Move To The Country, Build a Self-Sufficient Homestead, and Grow a Powerful, Liberty-Based Community Within Months Instead Of Years Starting Right Now

Presented By Two Leading Experts Who Have Already Helped Hundreds of Freedom-Seekers Successfully “Exit and Build”

We’ve turned the entire process of “exiting and building” into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step map you can follow without any head-scratching confusion or guesswork.

Rebecca Powers and John Bush will be hosting the workshop, leveraging their combined knowledge and experience for the most powerful presentation on this topic you’re likely to find anywhere.
By the end of the workshop you’ll have a simple, easy-to-follow plan for achieving self sufficiency in the countryside within months instead of years.

All you have to do is register for the workshop and join us in-person at Solarpunk Summit!

With Rebecca Powers & John Bush |

amaya workshop-min

Conscious Communication

for intimacy, connection, andboundaries

Do you struggle with asking for what you want? Or are you TOO forceful and scare people away? Whatever aspect of communication you are struggling with, Amaya will support...

you with the tools you need for conscious communication to get what you truly desire, speak your truth without shame, and say things in a way people can actually hear.

Participants will learn

-how to ask for what you want in a way that can be received
-how to let go of fear that you will be rejected
-how to get comfortable with giving and receiving NO (next opportunity )
-common mistakes in conscious communication
-how to stop playing small and allowing yourself to be seen fully
-common mistakes people make when they “think” they are communicating consciously
-basic tenets of non-violent communication
and so much more

With Amaya Shiva | Instagram Profile

nikki workshop-min

Feel Stuck?

Become a clear channel for guidance

Our body is like an antenna: We can tune in and receive guidance from our higher selves and spirit guides... IF our body is clean. I teach how to detoxify our food, environment...

and thoughts. And provide the body with nutrient-dense foods for optimal energy, receptivity, and clarity.

With Dr. Nikki Siso |

sonya workshop

Redesigning the World from the Inside Out

EFT with Sonya Sophia

If people make the planet, and conditioning makes the people do what they do… How do we heal the imprint of the past deeply enough, to efficiently create a more beautiful, functional world?

In this interactive hands on workshop, Sonya Sophia will give you a potent experience of somatically shifting your mind and body with EFT Tapping.

Come to learn heal and grow. You’ll leave with a tool for the times (one that you can use forever) - as you power up your presence, purpose and personal power to affect change.

With Sonya Sophia |

joel workshop-min

1% Growth a Day

Transform the World by Investing in Yourself

Paint a picture of a new, wholesome world of harmony, honesty, compassion, and collaboration. Now ask yourself, what is the next step to create that world,  through your own... 


In this workshop, Joel will share some of his stories of investing in 1% progress, and healing techniques he has engaged in.

He’ll interact with participants/audience asking what is holding them back right now, and what their challenges for implementing the 1% a day concept might be (motivation/habits/routines, etc.).

He'll offer inspiration for "playing the long game" and seeing the generational ripple effects of personal development, and peaceful parenting to create a new conscious, loving, honest, self-responsible, and harmonious paradigm (1% growth a day = 3700% growth a year).

With Joel Bein |

vision workshop-min

Interpersonal Flourishing

Through Intentional Autonomy

This talk will introduce the key concepts of Intentional Autonomous Relating, a social technology that seeks to take the "suck" out of relationships. IAR is an antidote to...

co-dependency, a needs-based paradigm of relational dynamics, and a non-judgemental framework for building mutual, joyful, and chosen containers with everyone in your life.

With Vision Battlesword |

kurt and lucinda workshop 1-min

An Introduction to

Food Preservation & Storage

In this workshop, you will be introduced to some of the basic techniques involved in planning for your family's future food security:

 - What will my family need to become food-self-sufficient?
- How do I determine what and how much to store?
- A brief introduction to some basic methods of food preservation (Canning, Dehydrating & Freeze Drying)

With Kurt Nauck & Lucinda Bailey |

samadhi workshop-min

Ecstatic Dance Evolution

with Samadhi

Activate your body temple as we dive into the swirling vortex of our souls and emerge glowing in embodied bliss. Fall into supreme flow states as the music entices us to see...

the shapes of sound and taste the melodies of music as we bounce off waves of the grid and architect our new found futures. 

Immersed in the fresh smell of Autumn, we will get down, groove around, play, and celebrate in effortless action with the radiant beings of our community as we amp up our energy and touch the hearts of our people. 

Fountains of Love, come and use your body, breath, movement, sound, and emotion to bring our selves and our world even more A L I V E.

About Samadhi:

Samadhi is the founder and director of Ecstatic Dance Evolution 2003’ and Eden.Dance. She leads events in-person and online as well as coaches dancers, DJs, and facilitators who wish to make a positive impact on the world through movement, music, and community. Her dances combine conscious movement with professionally curated DJ sets helping participants achieve embodied flow states which reduce stress, enhance creativity, and promote unique community connections. Samadhi’s dances are transformational and a whole lot of FUN!

With Samadhi Love |

love and amor workshop 2-min

How to Manifest Your Match

Plus a Guided Love Meditation

This powerful workshop is for anyone who wants to call-in and manifest a beloved partner. Your hosts, husband and wife, Jenna and Sat, will walk you through 3 conscious steps they took...

to manifest each other, almost effortlessly. In addition, they will take you on a journey to your future using a 'Guided Love Meditation' that will evoke the vibration of Love so you will feel what it will feels like to manifest all your heart's desires of a loving, lasting partnership.

With Jenna Love & Sat Amor |

jasso workshop-min

Clearing your Energy Body

techniques to activate energy flow

Our energy body holds the expressions of the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual bodies together. If there is an imbalance in one aspect of our body, it affects all the others.

When we feel resistance to external or internal realities, we create restrictions in our energy body. These restrictions can lead to disease and accelerate aging of the body. In this workshop, you will learn and practice several techniques to activate energy flow and clear stuck or stagnant energies within you. Reset your nervous system, cleanse your energy field, and optimize your natural health.

With Jenna Jasso |

Tiff workshop 2-min

The Love Elixir

a guided journey

We sit in circle and begin with setting the container, articulating guidelines and checking in, we move into a quick guided journey to open our hearts to reveal...

what may be hidden within. Calling upon our soul aspects to integrate with our now moment. Within a safe, sacred container one is invited to speak their desires, needs, and wants to the collective. Some just wish to let go of a wound or speak their heart, others ask for something like touch or eye gazing. There has been shared breathing, cathartic release and so much healing. Once all who wish to receive, have, we move into closing with some breath and somatic healing through a brief dance and then circle up and offer love and gratitude.

With Tiffany Fede | Link Tree Profile

seeds workshop-min

An Introduction to


In this workshop, we will cover important factors you'll need to take into account when procuring seed for your garden. - What are the differences between heirlooms, hybrids & GMOs and...

 why does it matter?

- How much should I buy and what should I look for?
- How are seeds properly stored, and how long will they live?
- What considerations come into play in terms of how a seed should be cultivated?
- How do I properly save seed for future growing seasons?

With Kurt Nauck & Lucinda Bailey |

al workshop 2-min


Unique Mindful Events

The universe is aligning, and the time is now to share our gifts with the world. The experience economy has shifted again and now transformational experiences are what people want.

Learn how to effectively organize mindful events in your community from circles and workshops and ceremonies to festivals and retreats. Understand the 10 major pitfalls to having successful events. Gain tools and people that can help you from early planning to the day of the event.

With Al Jameson |

Nick workshop 2-min

Free Yourself

From Self-Limitation

Know anyone that feels "not enough" or "not worthy"? Sovereign Mind's founder Nick Rundlett will teach you a new breakthrough method to permanently transcend these toxic beliefs.

Come experience permanent liberation from self-limitation with a live demonstration and the full open-source download of this new mind technology!

With Nick Rundlett |

tatiana workshop 3-min

Altered State

Engineering Endogenous Ecstasy

Wim Hof Breathwork, HIIT Activation & Silent Disco EcstaticDance Party! Join the pack of SoulTribe StarSeeds to Optimize, Elevate & Cleanse your LifeForce Energy.

This is the Ultimate DanceParty LoveFest (à la mini BurningMan). We seek to spread radiant ripples of Euphoria exploding like confetti from our unabashed Full Self-Expression, Inspiration & Freedom.

Our objective is to Amplify & Exalt Fun. Move Energy for Healing. Spread Smiles that Light up the World. Co-Create the most happy beautiful experience together.

Remember the Joy of Living!

With Tatiana Rodeiro | Instagram Profile

Louis workshop 2-min

Conscious Entrepreneurship

and coaching

Do Your Work, Heal The World, & Receive Massive Abundance: I've spent six years obsessively studying, practicing, and mastering the intersections between consciousness and entrepreneurship, between intuition and solid...

worldly business structures, between energy and action, between building a profitable coaching business and living a nourishing life I absolutely LOVE and adore.

And I want that for you too.

This workshop will be a bespoke discussion catering to the desires and energy of the people in the room, and what will be woven into it will include:

✅ How to structure a coaching business and offering to scale to six figures WHILE honoring intuition, flow, spirituality, embodiment, and energy, and the 14 steps for doing that

✅ How conscious relating from Love serves business growth and development

✅ How to transform the world through doing both of the above

With Louis Brantmeyer |

mickey workshop 1 - new-min

Beekeeping 101

What you need to know

Are you curious about beekeeping? Offering deep insight into our relationship with bees, my message is that of an invitation to reconnection and an awareness for existing power structures.

We will cover the basics of beekeeping equipment, honey bee life, seasonality, ethical harvest, and anything else you need to know if interested in exploring this hobby.

With Mickey Kleinhenz |

Jen workshop - new-min

Thai Bodywork

Deep Relaxation

Imagine drifting into a deep relaxation as you receive a gentle stretch along your feet, up your legs, and into your hips. Your low back releases as you take a deep breath and feel...

your whole spine decompress.

For the next hour you are rocked, stretched, and gently lulled into a state of bliss; completely relaxed and utterly held.

This is the power of Thai style bodywork. This ancient style of stretching combines the benefits of yoga with the relaxation of massage, creating a nourishing experience for you and your partner. Perfect for sharing nurturing touch with friends, family, and loved ones.

Join international yoga and massage instructor, Jen Hilman, as she guides you through these simple techniques to improve your confidence in therapeutic touch.

With Jen Hilman |

gabe workshop new-min

Altered State

Feral Wisdom

Being prepared is fun and empowering. Preparation for a wide variety of scenarios offers peace of mind and the opportunity to give from overflow if an unexpected event interrupts your normal...

daily lifestyle. We'll talk about steps you can take immediately to make sure you and those you love have your food, water, shelter, heat, power, defense, and other needs met when the unexpected happens.

With Gabriel Radovsky | Facebook Profile

shaka workshop-min

The work makes me happy


I would like to share my outline of my 6 week coaching program. It helps others to Quantify and Amplify their quality of life through Journaling and introspection.

With Shaka Judah |

matt workshop-min

Hemispheric Lateralization, Non-dual Consciousness

and the Future of Technology

Do you ever wonder why so much of what we call “modern civilization” is becoming progressively more materialistic, reductionistic, algorithmic, and devitalized?

Dr. Matt Dorsey believes that an abundance of evidence from neuroscience implies that we can best understand this descent into the cold, mechanistic desert of the hypermodern in terms of the differences between the two hemispheres of the human brain.

Unfortunately, most of what pop psychology has taught us about hemispheric lateralization is flat-out wrong, but—according to thousands of available studies—there are indeed radical differences in how our two brains understand the world.

The left hemisphere tends toward highly literal, black and white thinking, prefers a kind of ‘spotlight’ style of hyper-focused attention, and specializes in the linear analysis of parts and symbols.

The right hemisphere, on the other hand, is capable of nuanced, metaphorical thinking, prefers a broad ‘floodlight’ style of attention, and specializes in the understanding of the whole, living, and highly complex systems that actually make up the world.

One deals with more direct observations of actual reality, whereas the other deals with human-made abstractions, tools, and symbols. In other words, the right hemisphere looks at the actual territory, whereas the left hemisphere looks at the map.

Drawing heavily upon the work of Oxford-trained psychiatrist, philosopher, and neuroscience research Dr. Iain McGilchrist’s, Dr. Matt will discuss the deeper ramifications of how these two totally opposite perspectives on the world affect:

— How we think about ourselves AND each other
— Spirituality and the quest for meaning
— How we create and experience art
— Fundamentalist-style thinking across all belief systems
— The way we practice science
— Human value systems and paradigms
— The kind of technology that we develop
— Our definitions of what is and is not ‘alive’
— And much more

Neuroscience should be nothing if not practical, though! This isn’t merely a lecture. It’s an interactive workshop with exercises designed to:

— Facilitate hemispheric harmony
— Get you unstuck when you’re being dominated by only one side or the other
— Help you observe the two styles of thinking in real-time so that you can become more aware of how your own consciousness works and recognize when you may need to shift gears for best results

Lastly, Dr. Matt will conclude with a discussion of how neuroscience can enrich our understanding of the non-dual awareness and metaphysics that Eastern spiritual traditions have been describing for millennia.

With Matt Dorsey |

tiff workshop 2nd-min

You are the Avatar

Kid's Workshop

This kids energy workshop will focus on teaching children of all ages to tune in to their bodies, and connect to the energy of our planet. In order to grow up within a society of... 

outside influence it’s important for us yo learn early our body is a tuning fork! It’s our compass! What better way then to teach what is taught in the childrens show, The Avatar. I have been consciously tuning in and playing with energy for over 5 years. Communing with plants, rocks, and elements in general is something that we are meant to do. The future of communication is energetic, telepathic, as we unlock the keys to our freedom tuning in is imperative. we will learn about the chakra system, how to body douse, and how to sit with a plant and exchange information, learning to TRUST what we receive.

With Tiff Fede |

Brent workshop 2-min

Animal Forms Qi Gong

energy exercises

Animal Forms Qi Gong is a set of low impact energy exercises that coordinate breathing techniques with movements based on ancient Chinese practices that mimic animal behaviors to increase well being.

With Brent Thomas |

nancy workshop-min

The unstoppable mind

Mindfullness Workshop

This workshop teaches on practices that stimulate your senses to build up mindfulness and how these practices increase emotion intelligence, which results in enhanced mental strength & resiliency.

With Nancy Hinojo|

Mateo Workshop-min

Peak Transformation

maximizing your festival experience

This offering is an interactive educational activation designed to teach the tools of BreathWork, body tensioning, intuitive movement, and allowing for cathartic expression...

to best equip attendees for maximizing the transformational potential of their festival experience. We will Learn how to embody alignment through posture, clear stuck holding patterns, and ground integration so that clarity lasts.

The bridge between imagining and being!

With Mateo Rossini | Instagram Profile

harold workshop 2-min

Setting the Tone

Activation for Cosmic X

"Setting the Tone" is a sunrise activation with natural rhythms of the cosmos and our home, Gaia, to prepare for a "Cosmic X" via the criss-crossing of two solar eclipses coming to Texas...

 10-14-23 & 4-8-24! The incredible story of how and why this was discovered at this time by Herald Aho-Now will give answers to your deepest questions of why we are here and where are we going.... There is a grand opportunity that has presented itself and it is Infinite You's mission to offer a choice in the stories we feel into, and bring through us, as we are the co-creators of this space on a level many have not been aware of until recently. Herald Aho-Now, owner and founder of Infinite You, is a Practical Spiritual Advisor and Community Activist who has a gift for story telling with a living experience that brings us to a place of harmony and heart coherence. This is an opportunity to write the next chapter of us, through collective dream weaving but It is much more than just dream weaving, by the end of the 3 sunrise activations we will integrate Herald's 3 pillars of manifestation, (IBM) INTENTION BREATH & MOVEMENT . Sunrise on Friday will be focused on setting INTENTION with our hearts and focused imagination with validation codes of our truth through the living stories of each other & intro to "Cosmic X" story. Sunrise on Saturday we start with integrating BREATH with the Sacred G breath technique and a galactic mantra. After the breathwork will be "Cosmic X" story time part 2. Sunrise on Sunday will be a culmination of INTENTION, BREATH & MOVEMENT as we choose to let go of old stories of control and re-MEMBER it has only been us that has guided us, back to each other to be seen, acknowledged and honored for the parts we have played. We came at this time to co-create heaven on earth with fresh stories of how we came to-gather for ourselves and for 7 generations deep. This is the event you came to be part of and you owe it to yourself to truly find your place in it as we shift to a new pattern. LOVE ALWAYS IN ALL WAYS, Infinite You

With Harold Aho-Now | Facebook Profile

gardening workshop-min

An Introduction to

Mittleider Gardening

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the basic principles of the Mittleider system of gardening: What makes the Mittleider System distinctive & preferred over other...

gardening methods?

- What is required in terms of infrastructure, investment & time?
- What are the water and nutrient requirements?
- What size installation will be required to feed my family?
- How do I get started?

With Kurt Nauck & Lucinda Bailey |

Mickey Workshop 3-min

Friction Fire

The Creation of Life

Fire is a deeply spiritual and sacred element. It consumes and cleanses, prepares and purifies. It embodies life. It teaches balance and boundaries. A return to primitive skills and...

relationship with fire is one aspect of healing the disconnection of the modern world.
I will bring some bow drill sets to practice on and we will start making new ones. I will mentor you on form and empower you to the best of my ability.

With Mickey Kleinhenz |

INdigo Workshop-min

Lightening Your World

with Minimalism & Zero Waste

I will share about the great benefits that minimalism & zero waste practices can have on our overall wellbeing - both the wellbeing of the individual & the wellbeing of the entire planet.

I'll share personal anecdotes from my journey of transitioning from a hoarder to a minimalist living in a van. I'll engage workshop participants via asking questions & encouraging discussion. I'll share practical tools & tips that attendees can easily implement into their lives right away. And lastly, I'll share inspiring information on why & how I feel optimistic about our ability to close the waste cycle & eliminate the need for so many landfills. I'm super passionate about this topic & am so honored to have the opportunity to share this information with others!

With Indigo Marigold |

happy tiger workshop-min

Kombucha Klass

A step by step hands on instructional of basic at home kombucha making process.

With Patrick Donnelly

cameron workshop 2-min

Integral Breathwork

For Transformation

Join us in taking a deep dive into the subconscious for transformation and integration. Using Integral Breathwork we will start an explorative journey like no other.

Integral Breath Therapy is a unique experiential process that uses breathing techniques to clear out physical, mental and emotional blocks or stresses. The origin of most human behavioral difficulties is in very early childhood experiences. Early in life we learn to suppress our emotions physically by tensing muscles and restricting the breath. Over time, this protective process becomes chronic and automatic and we lose the capacity to experience and express emotions and the fullness of life. This repression can sap our vitality and rob us of the ability to experience the positive feelings of love, joy and pleasure.

This revolutionary body focused therapy explores the multidimensionality of the human being. This modality rapidly brings old and hard to reach issues, patterns or traumas to your conscious awareness for release and integration. Using a natural breathing pattern and enhancing how big it moves through the body, the individual can progress rapidly to a level of greater understanding, health and vitality.

With Cameron Grayson |

ash workshop-min

Journey Through the Chakras

a Chakra Mudra Meditation

The mudras have been adapted from a complex Balinese Dukun practice, developed by my mentor Deborah Jones at Nine Gates Mystery School within the context of many of the world’s...

existential traditions. The purpose for the adaptation is to offer a somatic aggregate of focused intention and movement aiding the flow of energy from root to crown, and from crown back to grounding.

The mudras can be used to:

• Bring awareness to each chakra.
• Attune and balance the energy centers, accessing which chakra might need additional attention or stabilizing.
• Align the foundational bottom pyramid and the upper pyramid of
expansion – to balance grounding with opening to more subtle energies.
• Open the spine and invite the kundalini energy to rise gently.
• Anchor in a felt-sense of the energy centers with a follow-up dialogue that is experience-based rather than a disembodied, intellectual discourse.

With Ashleigh Hakes |

sheefra workshop-min

Ancestral Technologies

of Preparedness

From making a fire by friction to harvesting one’s own medicine, vegetables, and even meat, to spinning fibers or tanning hides, I’ll share the story of going from...

having thousands of pounds of stored food to being lost on the wilderness in the snow without a knife… and what you can do to prepare, whether or not you find yourself with the tools you thought would save your life.

With Sheefra Blume | Instagram Profile


Michael workshop-min

An Evening

with Michael Inrstelr

An evening with Michael Inrstelr, will begin with a talk and energetic attunement, moving into a guided group journey, where you will be guided to become the empowered author...

of your story, reprogramming your DNA, connecting to your own personal frequency that sings from the starseed planted in your heart, finally breathing life into the embodied dance of that story and song with the web of life itself.

With Michael Inrstelr |


Steph Workshop-min

Psychic Snake Reading

Psychic Snake Readings are 60 minute channels with real snakes. During a reading, I channel the snake’s insight. We special in ushering unimaginable upgrades by invoking...

limitless consciousness. I am open to 1-on-1 work and group work during Solarpunk Summit.

With Stephanie Ulrich | Instagram Profile


Wyatt Workshop-min

Terroir: A musical journey

autoimmunity, food, and soil

What if eating was a universal form of communication? Who are we talking to? Our community? A distant land? A factory? This musical lecture will discuss the concept of terroir, the ability...

to taste the environment in which a food is grown, and how embracing this perspective while eating could result in a more embodied and healthy relationship to your body and the planet.

I'll be sharing my personal healing journey with multiple autoimmunity that took me from designing instrumentation for NASA to working with our modern narratives in health and food through music, story-telling, and food systems work. Story and song will interweave as I share the powerful reframing of eating as an act of communication.

With Wyatt Rodgers | Instagram Profile


robert workshop-min

Yin Yoga

Suitable for almost all levels of students, Yin Yoga is a slower-paced version of yoga that incorporates principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine with asanas (postures). The sequences...

of asanas are meant to stimulate the energy meridians of the subtle body, while the longer hold times are intended to increase circulation and flexibility in the connective tissues (the fascia, ligaments, and joints) rather than focusing on the muscles. A more meditative approach to yoga, its goals are awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality.

With Robert Mason | Instagram Profile


sam Bottner workshop-min

Source of Song

I truly believe singing is as inherent to our humanity as breathing and walking. I also believe it is a profoundly courageous act to be witnessed in the...

nudity of our unique genetic+energetic vocal signatures. Source of Song is an opportunity to partake in the one of the most natural, healing experiences of being human - the ineffable joy and remembrance of lifting our voices collectively in support and harmony. By learning to love your voice more deeply, you'll learn to love who you are more deeply - and the story which brought you into being. Whether improvised and playful, or lyrical and sacred, Source of Song is an invitation to open our hearts, all the way - from stillness to soaring.

With Sam Bottner | Instagram Profile


2021 Workshops

kayla workshop new

Divine Feminine Leadership

The Magic and Science

A woman's biorhythm is a beautiful and mysterious masterpiece of biochemicals and physiological changes that ebb and flow throughout her life. This biochemical dance impacts everything about a woman's life, including:

her brain function, mood, energy levels, and even her quality of life. It's also what makes her a great leader! Waiting within every woman's beautiful biorhythm are special superpowers that amplify her leadership brilliance! In this 90-minute interactive workshop, Kayla will take you on a journey to discover the superpowers waiting within your beautiful biology and become the epic leader you were born to be!

With Kayla Osterhoff |



Connecting the Dots

Permaculture is a vast design science. The crux to this sustainable philosophy, is figuring out how be as efficient as possible on a day to day basis. In our current culture we consume so many resources every day.

What if all of the resources you consume came directly from your own property and/or your local community?

Learn how to connect the dots at this paradigm shifting workshop. The key to resilience is knowing the inherent needs of every element in a permaculture system. What if you didn't have to go out and buy feed for your chickens but you could easily grow it yourself? What if all of the wastes we humans create could become food for our own gardens?

Mother nature is divinely abundant, and your life and property can spill over with that same abundance and surplus, with the right mindset and set of design strategies.

With Taelor Monroe |


Free Your Voice

Transformational Healing Through Sound

In this experiential workshop, we will explore the delight of embodied expression through sound. Using a combination of breathwork and vocal sounds we will explore stepping more powerfully into using our voices without fear or judgement.

We will use this container as a way to practice holding each person’s unique expression within community. By tuning in to our own unique vibration, we can begin to discover the voice as a profound gateway for connection and transformation. By expressing our own unique vibration alongside other unique vibrations we create a rich and diverse community song.

With Lillie Lumina |


Conscious Consumption

A Mindful Tasting Experience

Heal your relationship with food! Throughout our time together we will consciously consume several vegan bites, explore the principles of Mindful and Intuitive Eating, and learn techniques for communicating with our bodies. This workshop if highly interactive and a co-created experience.


With Posey Fae |


How to Heal Yourself

an Introduction

Learn how to turn painful negative experiences into wisdom, compassion and vitality. We have spent the last 15 years perfecting the art of healing emotional wounds. We have a proven process that anyone can follow by themselves to get relief and resolution from traumatic events and dissolve negative emotional patterns.

This training is to teach you this process and begin to train and empower you to implement it for yourself.

You can apply this to get relief and resolution on a specific topic you are working with now but once you have these skills you have them for life and can apply them to anything that is holding you back for the rest of your life.

*On Trauma *

One of the most important ways that we can heal ourselves is by addressing Trauma. Trauma occurs when something happens in our life that overwhelms our nervous system. Most of our painful emotional patterns and emotional wounds are traumas. In this training we will address what trauma is, how it may be affecting you and how to resolve it.

This is an introduction to a 4 week training that will teach you to powerfully hold and heal emotional pain. You will learn how trauma impacts our emotional world and how to integrate it permanently.

You will learn:

  • How the emotional system works mentally and physically
  • The foundational techniques to resolve negative emotion
  • Important approaches for emotional safety
  • Real timelines and expectations for healing a spectrum of emotional wounds
  • This training event will include a live demonstration of healing, plus will have time for Q&A.

With Melanie Weinberger |


Grounding Your Village

Hands on Experience

During this workshop you will be transported to an alternative future where you will be given new tools and encouragement of ideas to co-create your ideal community space. We have studied and developed ways to give you tangible results based on ideologies of Ecovillages and transition towns around the world. Come for a hands on experience while learning how take these skills into your community.


With Chloe Buzzotta|


Great Lightworker Land Grab


The time is NOW for us to make our collective move. The reality that we were born into is guiding us to co-create the reality we wish to birth. This Town Hall meeting is to gain a clear perspective of the opportunity we have before us.

Starting with breathwork and sound for clarity of the information that will be dumped into you. Harold can often be equated to fuel so as any fire is to be sparked and focused like a laser beam it needs oxygen so continue to take conscious breaths as the synchronicities of his story adds to inspire you and solidify our direction. After the story telling session we dive into ways to discover your part in the next chapter of our collective story along with tips and hacks to manifest the resources much faster. After we play with the energy that makes us who we are, we open the floor for questions and discussion on the type of community you want to be part of creating and whatever else flows from this.

The Great Lightworker Land Grab (G.L.L.G) is our opportunity to network many off-grid communities of all different sizes and shapes to the right tribe members. When this type of work begins it stirs up the healing within the tribe at warp speed so this is not for the light hearted, this is where the real play starts for us. We must learn about each other, create memories and grow together a little before we are sitting on a piece of land. Self discovery along with learning about each other with honoring the process is key. Much will be covered and I promise to be me the whole way through so be ready to laugh, cry and walk away with a quantum buzzzzzzz for this new light for us to dance with.

What to bring:

  • Good water
  • pen and paper for the note takers
  • mat or blanket to sit/lay and relax
  • open heart and open mind

Love always in all ways, Harold Hoenow

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Animal Forms Qi Gong

breathing techniques

Animal Forms Qi Gong is a set of low impact coordinating breathing techniques based on ancient Chinese practices that mimic animal behaviors.



With Brent Thomas |

kurt workshop featured

Intentional Autonomous Relating

Interpersonal Flourishing in the New Society

Intentional Autonomous Relating is a new social technology - an modern framework of interpersonal relationships and evolutionary system of communication.

Building on foundational models such as Non-Violent Communication, Authentic Relating, Radical Honesty, Integral Theory, and others, IAR provides a toolset for conscious communities to move into a new paradigm of fluid, functional, and joyful relationship dynamics, while exiting the patterns and programs of old-systems thinking which create drama, confusion, misunderstanding and pain.

In this workshop, attendees will learn the basics of the Intentional Autonomous Relating framework including:

* Why relationship labels are a problem
* A needs-based approach to relating
* How getting clear about intentions changes everything
* What are "channels" of relating
* Creating containers
* Interpersonal Flourishing and Social Abundance
* Implications for Community

With Kurt Hildebrand

returning home workshop

Returning Home

Psychedelic Integration with EFT

What if you had the power at your own fingertips to quickly shift your internal environment, anytime, anywhere? You do! In this interactive workshop, transformational coach and somatic integration practitioner Stacy Claxton shares Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), or tapping.

Tapping stimulates the body’s energy meridians and calms down the nervous system, bringing you home to a place of safety, healing, and connection where amazing changes happen.

This simple yet profound practice relieves stress, dislodges blocks, resolves unpleasant emotions, clarifies confusing messages, mobilizes inner wisdom, accelerates integration, and catalyzes massive life shifts.

It’s time to take psychedelic integration into your own hands. Come prepared to actively participate and learn a versatile tool of radical self-discovery, self-healing, and self-empowerment.

With Stacy Claxton |


Unleash Your Super Power

An Ayurvedic Blueprint to Doing Your Dharma

Amaya Shiva is going to teach you 5,000 year old techniques from Ayurveda and Astrology to help you Unlock your Divine Design so that you can live fully and powerfully expressed!

Are you ready to UNLEASH your Super Powers to create more wealth, human connection, and happiness so that you can RELISH your human experience?

Are you THROUGH with feeling less than, being stuck in confusion, and letting mundane problems like low energy, indigestion, and shitty emotional patterns rule your life??

Are you COMMITTED to doing the work necessary to Align with Your Divine Design so that you can serve the world from a place of Overflow and Fulfillment instead of stress and obligation?


Amaya Shiva is going to teach you 5,000 year old techniques from Ayurveda and Astrology to help you Unlock your Divine Design so that you can live fully and powerfully expressed! What is that? It’s the unique physiology, emotional, and spiritual gifts you have to share with the world- and the truth is, each of us has a unique blueprint that allows you to express our True Nature fully, divinely, and completely, and is the foundation of your DHARMA.

The truth

The truth is, most people are trying to live their lives according to other people’s designs instead of learning what their own is. “It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection.” You have a unique magic and medicine that only YOU can bring to the world, a unique set of skills, gifts, and talents that it is your BIRTHRIGHT to bring forth and forward.

How do you know when you are living your Dharma?

  • Your work comes easily and naturally without strain or stress
  • You feel excited about sharing your gifts
  • You lose track of time
  • You are energized and excited

What are signs you’re NOT living your dharma?

  • low energy and burnout that leave watching Netflix and sleeping late
  • mood swings that impact your relationships with coworkers, friends, and family
  • anxiety and confusion about what you are doing
  • depression and lack of motivation that makes it hard to break the chains
  • jealousy of those who are living their success

And this is just the TIP of the iceberg because over time these problems lead to even GREATER problems like

  • deep confusion about why you’re here on this planet
  • an inability to express and feel joy no matter how “great” things are
  • physical breakdowns and illness that are your body trying to stop you from living out of alignment
  • fewer networking opportunities and lack of community that leaves you feeling isolated

Until one day you go to the grocery store and run into a dear old friend- and they can BARELY recognize you because your spirit is so dampened and muted.

But don’t worry- There is a better way.

One that puts you in touch with your Unique Needs- ALL OF THEM! including

  • Your constitution type and it’s energy map so you can optimize your work and play flows
  • How to tap into your Divine Calling and gifts so you can feel fulfilled and seen
  • How to smash through limiting beliefs and familial patterns that no longer serve you
  • How to CREATE your dream life instead of just wishing for it!
  • How to honor your digestive and constitution type and unique dietary needs so that eating is no longer guess work

If you are COMMITTED to these principles then you are in the right place!!

This is NOT a quick fix or for people who simply want to whine about their problems. This is for people who are here to DO THE WORK. If this is you, then WELCOME HOME!!!

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