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On October 14th, 2023 Solarpunk Summit is partnering with Unify to join the Global Meditation Movement. Join us online or in person at Solarpunk Summit in Kingsbury, Texas. Unify your local meditation, yoga, and spiritual communities to move through the Eclipse portal together. Dream up your most radically optimistic vision of the future and step into it. We’re honored to partner with Unify in its mission to inspire millions of people to participate globally on days dedicated to our common humanity to create a Unified Field of peace and service.

October 14th, 2023 @ 11AM CDT

Unify Eclipse MeditationA Global Event

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About The Eclipse

When an eclipse occurs, ‘light’ is obscured from one celestial body by the passage of another – between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination. During a solar eclipse, it is the light of the Sun that is blocked. When it is a lunar eclipse, it is the moon’s reflection that is concealed. Astrologically, the Sun represents the light of our consciousness, the masculine direction and radiance onto the world. The moon reflects our feminine essence, and the internal, mysterious, emotional Soul realm.


The planetary movements are a reflection of the unfolding of our human process. We are not separate from the heavenly bodies. They are not influencing us in the mechanistic sense of cause and effect. We are in a synergistic dance, of sympathetic movement and change, catalyzing our specific circumstances for growth, and evolution. During eclipse season, when ‘the lights are out’ so to speak, our normal MO of functioning is destabilized, as the ego and emotional body experience a bit of a time warp. Higher forces ‘take over’ in order to catalyze huge change and redirection in our lives.


There is a rapid acceleration which occurs, effecting whatever energies are present at the time. Where there is weakness, things may fall apart. Where there is budding creativity, circumstances come to fruition. It is a time when ‘the gates are open’ and it is common that many Souls pass over to the other side. Evolution speeds up and forces change often through shock, unexpected events, and profound realizations that have been lurking beneath the surface which may no longer be ignored. The events that occur during the eclipse portal, are extremely significant, to the larger evolutionary purpose of our lives.
Shannon Gill