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sps eclipse speaker - tina and orion weldon
Tina & Orion Weldon

Co-CEOs, TerraPurezza LP

Tina: While completing a bachelor's of science in dietetics it became clear that any focus on a community's nutrition or an individual's nutrition would not have any effect if there was not enough nutrient density in the food anyway. We need a way to get nutrients back into the soil in which we grow our food. Discovering regenerative agriculture showed a meaningful way to repair the natural nutrient cycling in our soil and get nutrients back into our foods. The creation of TerraPurezza is a mission to repair soil, restore habitat, recharge aquifers, and provide a humane way to raise livestock.

Orion: Leaving my previous life as an academic to start a regenerative agriculture farm, was the best decision of my life besides marrying my wife. I was the Professor of Ornithology at Rutgers University studying restoration ecology for endangered species. I have restored more habitat and preserved more species populations in RegenAg than I ever did in the university system. Regenerative agriculture solves so many issues simultaneously.