Neil Dumra


Neil Dumra, 3rd Eye Meditation

Neil Dumra, a Minneapolis native who currently resides in beautiful Austin, Texas. Neil’s background is as a personal chef, tantric coach and evolutionary health and wellness advocate, student and educator, he was raised by culturally rich grandparents who enriched valuable tools such as gardening, ayurveda, alchemy, meditation, inner alchemy and compassion — he has since dedicated his life to mastering the tools of optimum mind, body, soul connection. He is an environmentally conscious entrepreneur who has a passion for healing through wellness with a compassionate and heart-centered approach to integration.

Neil has been on a path of personal transformation and has been refining his diet for over nine years. His philosophy, “You are what you eat, think, breathe and do”, defines his everyday living style and aesthetic.

Not only does Neil promote the benefits of living consciously, but he also lives it; his daily lifestyle includes meditation, yoga, tantric alchemy, Life-changed healed inner alchemy, completion process integration, cleansing, juicing, and eating an organic, intentional diet that is primarily locally sourced. Through proper maintenance of his vessel, Neil has achieved a fine-tuned recipe for continuous levels of elevating consciousness, creating sovereign awareness, and healing core wounds through the method he and his partner have coined; as the rooted integration project!


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