Mountain City

Masterminding EDEN for a Regenerative Civilization

A combination of breathwork & technique to expand the voice. Adding range using the breath, and testing that range through throat singing beginning lessons .

With Camara Cassin

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marlo workshop

The Perma-CURE

For absolute beginners, as well as for the absolute experts! I will be teaching a creative workshop that expands upon the first step of permaculture: Observation, which can propel us into a realm of remarkable imagination and instinctual ignition. In this workshop I unveil my personally-crafted, 10-year-developed techniques for this foundational stage of the design process, often underestimated and yet, so profoundly significant. To me, it represents an almost supernatural connection to the very heart of permaculture philosophy, celebrating our inherent, instinctual communion with nature and the profound discoveries it can reveal.

With Marlo Blythe

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Thrive with Crypto as an Artist in the Aquarian Age

Join Matt Welsh, Singer/Songwriter/Producer for @ BLUVNBU and Founder of for an immersive group workshop at the Solarpunk Summit! Here you will uncover your personal path to THRIVE with crypto as an artist in the Aquarian Age. During this workshop, Matt will guide you through a defined path of mastery regarding your awakening process and The Five Sciences: The Fire Science of Spirit, the Earth Science of the Body, the Air Science of the Mind, and the Ethereal Science of Purpose.

With Matt Welsh

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Alternatives to Time-Outs, Bribes & Good Jobs

Time outs, rewards, & punishments merely give temporary compliance. Like using a spare tire for your flat, it is only a “quick fix” – which can create disconnection & long-term harm to the parent/child bond & the child’s development. Tangee Zenryka Veloso will dispel the myths of coercive tactics that don’t work & discuss a family philosophy from her conscious parenting book that does - where compassionate communication, mutual respect & healthy boundaries can create more harmony in the home.

With Tangee Zenryka

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Shamanic Living and Practice

Daily introduction to Shamanism followed by a Shamanic Drum Journey meditation.

With Nate Long

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Spirit Tech - Immersive Mixed Realty

Guided heart coherence meditation, interactive toning, breathwork, Spirit Tech XR is designed to localize in space, harmonize nature and technology while grounding into the present moment while activating our inner source of wisdom.

With Adam Hoffman

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Creating Energetic Sovereignty

This is a class designed to assit in creating optimal personal energetic protection from external energies that may weaken the integrity of your personal well being.

With John Burgess

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animal forms

Animal Forms Qi Gong

Animal Forms Qi Gong is a set of low impact energy exercises that coordinate breath and movement based on ancient Chinese practices that mimic animal behaviors to enhance well being.

With Brent Thomas

animal forms
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Expanding the voice with breath

A combination of breathwork & technique to expand the voice. Adding range using the breath, and testing that range through throat singing beginning lessons .

With Soleil Weinberg

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Somatic Healing

Find Your Physiological Intelligence - Our bodies contain a multitude of information that is readily accessible to support our awareness, healing and growth. In this guided movement workshop, we’ll slow down to give your body a chance to speak its intricacies to you. We’ll learn somatic techniques to calm your nervous system, explore your mind body connection more deeply, and release energy stored in the body. Wear something comfortable you can move in, and bring a journal for reflection.

With Kari Burke

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The Epic Healing Meditation

This experience starts with some soothing sound therapy instruments to get everyone relaxed, calm, centered, and focused. Then I instruct each attendee to create a grounding cord, then guide them through each of their chakra energy-centers to identify old emotional baggage, and clear that energy out of their body, down through the grounding cord, then refill that space with fresh cosmic peace energy. People are left feeling renewed, light, peaceful, and blissful.

With Mandelyn Reese

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Cosmic Word Alchemy

"Cosmic Word Alchemy," is a collaborative wire art workshop that explores the mystical allure of words through the expressive language of wire. Caterina will guide participants as they use wire art to create meaningful expressions that are infused with sustainable intentions for the future. She will then assemble the individual cosmic glyphs to create a radiant sun sculpture that will be donated to the event.

With Caterina Suttin

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Harness the Four Elements

Taking each element and discussing the Astrological alignments, the current energy of it in the sky, how to best use the element in your life and an activity to utilize each element.

With Alicia Clark-Teper

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Creating Sacred Space

We, will explore how to mentally, energetically, physically and spiritually define, organize and create personal spaces that otimize your connection with Spirit, and the energies of the environment.

With John Burgess

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Immerse in infinite bliss. Blending breath attunement, guided stretching, and gentle partner yoga / Thai massage movements, each participant will explore connecting with the innate power of their body; cultivating a state of deep, relaxed, yummy be-ingness.

With Meera Hoffman

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Maison Palo Santo

Palo Santo Sacred Journey

This journey of the senses will take you through a nourishing practice of energy cleansing movement, guided meditation and SOMA breathwork amplified by the sacred medicine of Palo Santo. Facilitate healing and enhance creativity to tap into your true purpose as we connect to this botanical treasure. As you clear out negative patterns, space will be created to become the conduit of your source energy to recalibrate your nervous system, leaving you grounded and at peace. Every attendee will receive a personal Palo Santo gift from Maison Palo Santo. This is a fun event, welcoming all levels. Guaranteed to leave smiling!

With Mimi Daraa

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Self-Love & Soul Mission Quantum Codes

In this 60-minute masterclass, Tangee Zenryka will take you on a journey with: - A Self-Love Alchemy Activation - Rituals and tools to transmute ancestral trauma in order to reparent yourself and raise your children/teens more consciously - Journaling prompts to release any limiting beliefs + tap into Gratitude Declarations - Quantum reprogramming + activations to embody the Abundance Codex for your life and business

With Tangee Zenryka

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lars king games

Discover the secrets of your subconscious through games

These games can show you many things, including messages from your higher self, how you see your relationship with your parents, your relationship with money, your relationship with the other gender, and so much more. We can understand ourselves and others at much deeper levels, and we can have fun throughout it all.

With Lars King

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Strength workshop

Will be leading morning strength classes from the stage.

With Mateo Rossini

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Connection Games

With Erin Hickok

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dope connections

With Danielle Aubrey

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Educational Tantra Women's Circle of Empowerment

Educational and empowering women circle of juicy tantra topics! Q&A, and sharing to empower you in your Tantric embodiment. Techniques for Upleveling, your love life, dating, and relationships… Join in on the Tantric transformational movement, toward conscious and fulfilling sexuality!

With Sheea Shafer

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Belly Qi

Belly Qi is a workshop that combines teaching belly dance isolations with Qi Gong forms and ending the workshop with practicing/developing the ability to move and transmute energy through the body for self and world healing.

With Maria Komie

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Making Your Home a Non-Toxic Sanctuary

We truly must BE the change we wish to see in the world and it begins in our own homes! It is with great honor for Tangee Zenryka to share her 15+ journey on this very important topic on how to co-create actionable solutions to raise the planet’s vibration and frequency! As Earth Freedom Activists, it is time to move beyond sustainability and RISE together as a conscious collective into regenerative development as Tangee Zenryka takes us on a deep dive with several positive solutions towards environmental regeneration.

With Tangee Zenryka

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