Speaker bio

Khadaura Roshan

CEO and Founder, YOU³

Khadaura is a 14 year Army Combat Veteran and High-Performance Coach that helps people unlock their optimal self and achieve their goals while ensuring both their mental, physical and spiritual health are all in alignment. He worked as an US Army Master Fitness Trainer and has supporting people in over 140 countries around the world.

Khadaura had to learn to improve his physical, mental, and emotional health. This including raising his mental and physical immunity so he could more effectively navigate triggers, prevent off infections, heal from experiences, and recover from training on a daily basis. Khadaura learned to improve the quality of his sleep and rest - so he could recover better and perform at his most optimal level. He built resilience so he could better handle stress in his personal life, spiritual journeys, competitions, training, and his business ventures.