Keith & Michelle Norris

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Michelle & Keith Norris, Co-founders of Paleo f(x)™

Michelle and Keith are accomplished entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space.  They are co-founders of the highly acclaimed Paleo f(x)™ health & wellness platform & event;  The largest such event of its kind in the world and one of the premier wellness conferences in the U.S., drawing world-renowned speakers, exhibitors, and attendees from all over the globe.  

Michelle and Keith are also both highly sought-after public speakers on the subject of current, cutting-edge science as it relates to health, nutrition, wellness, and fitness. They are regular contributors to several top fitness, health, and wellness magazines. 

As well, they are the co-authors of Primal Uprising; The Paleo f(x) Guide to Optimizing Your Health, Expanding Your Mind and Reclaiming Your Freedom, in which they reveal the seven pillars of human health: the physical, mental, emotional, relational, financial, spiritual, and tribal pillars that contribute to making us truly whole. They dive deep into how your body is meant to eat, move, handle stress, find your tribes, and live. In each chapter, they’ve consulted with the experts—cutting-edge health practitioners, scientists in a variety of fields, coaches and gym owners, popular bloggers, community and sustainability activists, biohackers, chefs, and more—who provide practical advice and tips to help you create a game plan to step into your full potential and thrive. They also outline what you can do right now to start optimizing your whole self and showing up for your community and your environment.

Not “just another paleo book,” Primal Uprising defines what it means to be Paleo in 2021 and beyond—a manifesto for better health, stronger communities, and a cleaner planet.


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