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Josh Draper-min
Josh Draper

Individual Artist

Josh Draper is an actor, comedian, musician, dancer, writer, producer, model, innovator and all-around nice guy. He’s totally chill. He’s divinely interested in the locations where music, technology, and laughter collide.

Josh discovered the Mi.Mu Gloves technology at SXSW in 2018 and was instantly drawn to their magic. Josh grew up playing many instruments including piano, trumpet, and hand drums, but at the time didn't even know how to plug in an amp! When the pandemic hit Josh saw an opportunity to dive head first into digital music and audio engineering - he taught himself mostly via YouTube tutorials. Josh's vision with the Mi.Mu Gloves is to use origin healing sounds like singing bowls or the didgeridoo and have them play along with the music technology of the future. Wearable midi controllers like the Mi.Mu Gloves provide a new avenue for artists and instruments alike - the artist BECOMES the instrument! "Watch as the future and the past dance together, to One Song."