Jonny Dupre

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Jonny Dupre, Founder & CEO of Process Your Potential

Jonny Dupre graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development with an emphasis in Counseling from California State University San Marcos. Over the past 20 years, Jonny has accumulated a wide array of knowledge on human behavior, cognition, and social dynamics. It has been his passion and goal to discover the most effective tools and techniques to successfully guide clients to personal transformation as quickly and profoundly as possible.

He began as a Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of NLP and has since become an internationally renowned body language specialist with an expert standing in Advanced Microexpression Training, Subtle Expression Recognition Training, and Emotional Skills & Competencies (ESaC). He holds a Certificate in Brain-Based Leadership & Coaching, has improved the social skills of hundreds of clients throughout the world and has shared his model for psycho-social change work on three continents.

Jonny combines his breadth of knowledge and skillsets to create a unique and powerful teaching methodology.  With his tireless dedication to broadening his education, he is a perpetual seeker of evolutionary processes to achieving peak performance and the self-actualization of one's own potential.


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