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John Bush

Owner of Live Free Academy

John Bush is a radical activist and entrepreneur who lives on a ten acre intentional community in Central Texas with his two kiddos and his lovely fiancé and business partner Rebecca. He got his start in activism questioning 9/11 and opposing the expansion of the police and surveillance state. After learning about libertarianism from Ron Paul during the ’08 Presidential Campaign, John got involved in local and state politics founding a political action committee and helping to pass local and state liberty legislation.

After a few years of politicking, yelling at government buildings, and even achieving some political victories, John realized that all that effort was merely slowing the growth of tyranny, not making him one iota more free. He quickly switched his focus to agorism and the creation of parallel systems like alternative currencies, local food production systems, and mutual aid networks. In 2005 he laid out his vision for Freedom Cells, peer to peer groups that work cooperate to opt out of coercive systems and live more free. With the help of other activists and liberty lovers the Freedom Cell Network has now grown into a global community of over 33k solutionaries.

John recently launched Live Free Academy to educate and empower free people in their exit and build efforts. His ultimate goal is to creation of a sovereign community of self governing liberty lovers that are no longer dependent on the state and free to live their lives in peace and harmony with one another and the earth.