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Jenna J-min
Jenna Jasso

Capacity Building Specialist & People Circle Lead, Festival Beach Food Forest

Mindfulness Coach, Community facilitator & Earth steward. Jenna’s relationship to the land began with countless days spent exploring her grandpa’s ranch in south Texas. Her interest in innovative technologies led her to earn a BA in Mechanical Engineering from UT Austin. After university, she was dishearten by the prevalence of 'greenwashing' in the corporate environment, and was reinspired when she found herself among a community of permaculturists in 2011.

Jenna has since been dedicated to living in accordance with the land and providing opportunities for others to do the same. With LoveATX, she organizes educational events to encourage eco-conscious living. Her mission is to restore harmony and wholeness to our souls, our societies, and our natural world through education and regeneration of ecosystems and ecosocieties.

During her years as a community organizer, Jenna was on the ground-breaking team that initiated Festival Beach Food Forest on City of Austin park land. She was also on several teams that activated a global movements such as “Food is Free” front yard gardens, "MedMob" meditation flash mobs, and Unify. Jenna is a certified permaculture designer who integrates permaculture into city culture and landscapes. She champions localizing and minimizing your needs, while doubly giving back to the earth. Jenna currently stewards 5 acres in Del Valle, TX where she and her family live in a tiny home.