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Fatima Mann

Co-birther & Chief Visionary, Love and Healing Work

Fatima Mann's journey is guided by the profound wisdom of Buddhist philosophies, yoga, not wearing shoes for eight years, and other African centered Spiritual practices as she strives to help others discover the boundless joy of self-love and acceptance. Her transformative path began with AmeriCorps Vista, propelling her into a life dedicated to service. Immersed in communities plagued by systemic oppression, Fatima's personal experiences ignited her passion for social equity. Co-founding the Austin Justice Coalition, she fearlessly fought against police brutality, actively contributing to the formulation of body-worn camera policies for the Austin Police Department. Graduating from Southern University Law Center, Fatima co-founded Counter Balance: ATX, an Austin-based organization intertwining self-care and social justice. As Executive and Policy Director, she earned prestigious accolades, including the National Association of Social Workers Public Citizen of the Year Award and the Austin Community College Equity Activist Award. Recognizing the vital need for advocacy grounded in healing, Fatima founded the Community Advocacy and Healing Project, crafting culturally mindful and human-centered spaces. During Hurricane Harvey, the Community Restoration Project emerged, exemplifying her commitment to disaster relief focused on people's needs. Over the years, she has rescued hundreds, raised funds, and distributed vital supplies in multiple cities and regions. Through Love and Healing Work, her consulting, training, and healing business, Fatima melds her legal expertise, yoga, trauma-conscious practices, and mindfulness to inspire others on their self-love journeys. A vessel of wisdom and compassion, Fatima shares her learnings and opportunities through powerful public speaking engagements and transformative learning experiences. You’re invited to connect with Fatima, her profound teachings, and discover the transformative power of love and acceptance.”