Bryan Talebi


Brian Talebi, Ahura AI, Neural Tunes, AB+ Ventures, Re:Vive, Sandbox Impact

Bryan began his career working as an aerospace engineer at NASA at the age of 16. In college, he built a business selling educational products to families in their homes, ultimately getting it to $1MM in annual revenue before starting and selling a consulting company in his late 20's.

Subsequently, he joined ZocDoc as a manager and where he helped scale the company to unicorn status, before leaving to join a series of early stage start ups to lead them to profitability or exit.

Currently, Bryan is the CEO & Cofounder at Ahura AI. They invented a technology that enables people to learn 3x-5x faster than traditional education. They are targeting the workforce development space and specifically the 1-2B people globally who are being displaced by technological unemployment. They focus on retraining the population to work in the green circular economy.

He is also Chairman of the Board for Neural-Tunes, which uses AI and music as medicine to heal people who suffer from PTSD, depression, and clinical Anxiety. He also cofounded AB+ Ventures.


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