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Brian Robertson

Founder, GlassFrog LLC

Brian Robertson is best known for creating Holacracy, the most widespread framework in the world today for running self-managed companies using a decentralized power structure in lieu of a traditional management hierarchy. He founded consultancy HolacracyOne to help organizations unleash the creativity and empowered leadership of their people. He also founded the software company GlassFrog, which helps both traditional and self-managed companies drive organizational transparency, agility, and alignment to purpose. Brian’s passion for harnessing sovereignty and human potential in organizations is backed by a deep spirituality and wide-open heart, which he regularly shares in talks and interviews that seamlessly weave between business, management, consciousness, and love. To date, tens of thousands of companies in over 50 countries have embraced his pioneering methods and ideas. Brian is the author of the book Holacracy: The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World.