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Audrey Lane
Audrey Lane

XR Producer, I AM HALO

Audrey has a history of pushing the boundaries of innovative immersive technology. From the entertainment scene to aerospace and defense, she harnesses cutting edge technology and innovates new use cases and system designs for building bridges to new technological horizons.

She has worked in live show design in Los Angeles, technical producing the first interactive motion capture XR performance streamed to Twitch with Wave XR, technical producer for award winning 5G&Me showroom for T-Mobile global Headquarters, and is currently innovating XR for Blue Origin and the new space station, Orbital Reef.

Her passion project, I AM HALO, is a muti player world building universe simulation that focuses on collaboration through art creation and exploration. The application is also usable as a performance platform, which she has toured with in collaboration with vocalist and music engineer Ilen Halogram. The project has had collaborators from UW, Cornish Art institute, and the Paul Allen Brain science institute.