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ashleigh new-min
Ashleigh Hakes

Healer/Owner, AUM Arts, LLC

Presenting Embodying Your Divine Purpose on the Main Stage:
Embodying Your Divine Purpose is an experiential journey of bringing the formless into form.
It is for the new earth leaders, change-makers, priests/ess, magicians, healers, coaches, mystics and people making a difference in the world who are ready to embody the truest versions of themselves.
Is Your Soul Calling You Home? Are You Ready To Empower Your Most Authentic Self, Right Now? If you feel a YES, then this journey might just be the most important container you will ever be a part of.
This experience is for you if you’re committed to embodying a powerhouse mindset. Even in the hard moments, you know what is true deep down, that you are meant to create your desires, and you won’t let the moments of fear or doubt stop you.
You are ready to Embody Your Divine Purpose.